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Can I Dive?

Health Requirements


 Very important to check your health and medical requirements for scuba diving before participating in any scuba diving activity.

 You will be asked to complete a diver's medical questionnaire for your safety. The medical questionnaires are based on guidelines from UHMS Recreational Diving Medical Screening System and will indicate whether a medical evaluation is necessary before your diving activity.


 If you’ve answered yes to any questions or take any prescribed medication, you may need further medical clearance. This must be arranged prior to your day of departure.

Please check the website and let us know if you are wondering if you can dive!

Flying After Dive

Regulations state that for a single, no decompression dive, you should not fly or go to altitude for at least 12 hours. For multiple dives you should not fly or go to altitude for at least 18 hours. Altitude is defined as 300m/1000 ft above sea level, please certain other tours and activities. 

Our full day trip (Kerama tour) usually finishes by 3pm. Morning half day trip finishes by 12pm, Afternoon trip by 5pm. However please remind yourself when the tour schedule is delayed by any reason.  Please ask about the end-up time for night diving or other special tours. 

Cancellation Policy

Depending on when you make the cancellation, the following cancellation fee will apply for all diving tours and courses.


 The Day Before / After 5pm     :  100%

    The Day Before / Before 5pm  :   50%

    2 Days Before / Before 5pm    :     0%


This includes factors such as medical/health problems(catching a cold/a 

hangover/other health problems), forgetting to check a medical questionnaire, or incompleting e-learning(online study for PADI courses). 

In case of the health conditions, we might stop you from participating for your safety when you look unwell/hangover clearly even if you say"I'm OK" 


Cancellation policy is not applied to factors beyond your control ,such as airline delays, unexpected accidents or catastrophe etc.

Please contact us by e-mail or any other ways in writing in order to make sure when(what time) you make a cancellation request.

No cancellation fee is applied when Sakura Dive decides the tour/course should be cancelled due to the bad sea conditions or other reasons.

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