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PADI Courses

If you are a new to underwater world, get PADI Open Water Diver Certification!Step up? go to Advanced Open water course!


PADI Open Water Diver Course

 This is the first step to be a Diver! In this course, you will learn how to dive up to 18m maximum with your buddy."PADI" is the worldwide and biggest diving organization. PADI certification means you can dive anywhere globally!!!

 Let's get started with us in Okinawa which is the wonderful diving paradise!


Over 10 years old

Medical Questionnaire 

 You need to be able to answer a simple medical questionnaire. 

 Please check it here in your language, this will determine if you need a doctor's or physician's note before you go diving safely.

Swim and float ability 

 You need to pass the swimming test (200m swim or 300m snorkeling swim) and 10 minutes floating test.

Course Outline

PADI Open Water Diver Course consists of 3 parts.

1.  Knowledge Development

2. Skills Practice

3.  Open Water Dives

1.  Knowledge Development

 You can download a program from PADI and learn all the theory and knowledge at home.

 This is the great time-saving method! You can cut your course down to 3 days and use more time to do other things on your holiday.

2.  Skills Practice

 You will learn basic skills such as breathing underwater, how to swim with scuba gears.

 Also you also practice how to handle a minor problem and major emergencies. And will be a safe diver!

 We conduct this course at the biggest pool facility in Okinawa!

 It  has 25m wide pool and 4m deep pool, which means you can learn and practice your skills safely regardless of the weather.

 Of course, it has changing rooms and showers, you can take this course comfortably.

2.  Open Water Dives

 After you learn knowledge and skills, time to get into the water!

 You complete 4 dives at open water on 2nd day and 3rd day.

 We are heading for the reefs at Naha offshore by boat. You demonstrate skills and some basic compass navigation and planning to dive on the last day.


Day 1  ( Skills Practice at Pool )

8:00 Pick up at your hotel in Naha 

8:30 Arriving at the pool, Set up your scuba gears

9:00 Swim Ability check

9:30 Scuba skills practice

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 Skills practice

16:30 Finish the session, shower and get change

17:00 Off to your accommodation  

Day 2 (Open Water dives by boat )

7:00 Pick up at your hotel in Naha 

7:15 Arriving at the port

8:00 Boat Departure( 15-20 minutes ride)

8:30 1st Dive

10:00 2nd Dive

11:00 Off to the port

11:30 Back to to Naha


In case that you complete all the skills on 1st day, 2nd day of the course done!

When you need more skills practice, we will move to the beach.

Day 3 (Open Water dives by boat )


Same time-schedule as 2nd Day

When you complete all the skills and open water 4 dives...

Congratulations! You become a DIVER!!!

Why You Should Choose Sakura Dive Okinawa?

We think that Open Water Dive Course is the most important for students to be safe and have fun.

If you couldn't have confident as a diver after the course, you might never go to diving.

So our professional dive instructors will teach you until you master the skills and get confident.

Most of the dive shops in Okinawa conduct OW course at beach from the beginning though, it means you need to practice skills whatever the sea condition is. Beach dive is affected by the weather so much, for example visibility, waves, rains etc...

So we conduct the course at pool from the first day!

From the 2nd day, the course fee includes the boat fee as well, you can learn how to dive by boat because most of the certified diving would be boat diving after your certification.

Your instructor, Saki, has experienced at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is one of the most popular destination in the world, so she knows the world standard of diving very well.




Feel free to sign up for your PADI Open Water Diver course here in Okinawa with us!


   ● Course fee ¥60,000 

      Including: rental gears, pool fee, boat fee (4 dives) 

      Not including: meals

   ● PADI e-learning fee ¥22,000

アンカー 2
アンカー 1

2 Days
PADI Advanced
Open Water Diver Course (AOW)

 Once you have completed your PADI Open Water Course, the next step is to enhance your scuba skills with the PADI Advanced Open Water Program. 


● Open Water Diver Certification

 You can also join the PADI programs if you have any certification equivalent to PADI OW. Please ask!

Medical Questionnaire 

 You need to be able to answer a simple medical questionnaire. Please check Can I Dive?

Course Outline

You will be required 5 training dives,which include two core dives in Deep and Underwater Navigation. The remaining three adventure dives will be a selection of Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive, Fish Identification, Underwater Naturalist, Drift Dive, Dive Against Debris (AWARE)  Dive and Boat Diver.

Duration : 2 Days (minimum)

Certification : 30 meters / 100 feet


Day 1 ( 2 Boat Dives - half day)

7:00 Pick up at your hotel in Naha 

7:15 Arriving at the port

8:00 Boat Departure( 15-20 minutes )

8:30 1st Dive

10:00 2nd Dive

11:00 Off to the port

11:30 Back to to Naha

Day 2 (3 Boat Dives - Kerama full day )

8:00 Pick up at your hotel in Naha 

8:15 Arriving at the port

9:00 Boat Departure ( 1 hour)

10:30 1st Dive

11:30 2nd Dive

12:30 Lunch on board

13:30 3rd Dive

15:00 Off to the port

16:00 Back to to Naha

*Time varies depending on the sea conditions, passengers on board etc.


   ● Course fee ¥50,000 

     Including : Japanese style lunch box on full day tour

      Not including: rental gears (Full rental 4,000 yen)

   ● PADI e-learning fe¥20,000

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